Our first step upon approaching a community is to listen.

In hearing their stories, we learn about past and contemporary land use practices that may be useful in crafting strategies whereby they may prosper in a meaningful manner while sustaining the ecological integrity and wildness of that landscape for themselves and future generations.

Round River’s approach to developing partnerships is rooted in the belief that local people and indigenous communities in particular can be the strongest and most eloquent stewards of the land. Protecting and maintaining vast wild places requires an enduring commitment to indigenous and aboriginal people, as they inhabit much of the world’s remaining big wild places.

Listening to and working with local people enables us to establish a framework of mutual trust and respect, and the resulting plans balance environmental considerations with community concerns regarding social, cultural, and economic factors. It is our fervent belief that when the protection and maintenance of wild places is situated in this broad and multidimensional framework, the chances of success are greatly enhanced.

After this first stage, we broaden our partnership by supporting existing and emerging forms of environmental governance. These measures give voice to local communities by empowering them to carry out the long-term vision they have for themselves and their land.

Community Partnerships within a broader context values the relationship between land and community in a more comprehensive manner. To this end, we carry out community-based development projects that encourage and foster a sustainable approach to the land while simultaneously building social, economic, and cultural wealth. Such efforts may include the creation of jobs, educational and vocational training, support of business ventures, and cultural revitalization projects.