Round River works directly with a travel agent who will arrange your transportation to and from your program location, and will work to get all students on the same flight(s) into the country. Your program instructors will meet you at the airport and begin orientation at the program site.

We ask that you wait until your program enrollment is finalized before purchasing tickets. Round River will notify you when it is okay to purchase flights, and will provide contact information for our travel agent at that time. Please email us at if you have questions about travel.

You will be responsible for payment of your own travel arrangements. We ask that you purchase your flights at least one month before departure.

Please note that for most semester programs you will be on a 90-day visa; if you wish to travel before or after the program you must inform Round River so that visa extensions can be known in advance/facilitated. In the case of Botswana, this must be applied for outside of Botswana. If you are traveling to Chile, you will be able to apply for a visa extension in Chile, for a fee of approximately $100.  Students are responsible for any personal visas beyond the program, or fees concerning overstayed visas.

Students are responsible for any costs incurred during travel, including checked baggage fees, food and lodging fees due to lengthy layovers or delayed/cancelled flights.

Some student may wish to purchase travel insurance, through a provider like Allianz or similar.