Obama designates new national monuments in the California desert

Mojave Trails National Monument, credit: In Photos: President Obama Designates 3 National Monuments in California; February 17, 2016 White House Office of Digital Strategy, by Tanya Somanader, Clay Dumas.   Obama designates new national monuments in the California desert By Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post, February 12, 2016 President Obama has set aside more of America’s lands and…


Petitioning Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, No Trophy Hunting of endangered Grizzly Bears leaving Yellowstone Park looking for food.

Yellowstone Park continues to break its own visitation records. Millions of Americans flock to see its world famous animal spectical. One of Yellowstone’s most iconic creatures, the endangered Grizzly Bear, has become a target for wandering outside the park boundary. Its seasonal food sources there are now gone as a result of climate change so…

Jean Polfus

Jean Polfus, Taku ’06

Jean PolfusRound River Taku ’06 Dartmouth College ’06 University of Montana ’10 “My involvement with Round River began in 2006 with the Taku Student Program. After that integral experience, I worked with Dr. Kim Heinemeyer and Round River to develop a master’s project in collaboration with the University of Montana and the Taku River Tlingit…