Gabriel Kayano

Botswana, Taku & Patagonia Program Instructor


Gabriel is a Brazilian Biologist who earned his MSc degree in Ecology from University of São Paulo in 2018.  His undergraduate years were spent researching strategies to restore the Brazilian Savanna vegetation. His Master’s research was focused on Plant Physiological Ecology and the invasion of the Brazilian Cerrado by exotic African grasses. Gabriel has worked for several years as an environmental educator leading field-based learning experiences to several locations throughout Brazil. He started working for Round River in the Spring of 2019, working as a Patagonia Program Instructor for three consecutive semesters, during which he developed a passion for nature photography, bird watching and wildlife.  In 2021 he was trained as a wildlife guide in the Brazilian Pantanal, and later moved to British Columbia where he worked as a lecturer for the Restoration of Natural Systems Program at University of Victoria. In 2022 and 2023, Gabriel returned to Round River to lead programs in Botswana, Canada, and Chile.