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Badmaa Dovchin

Mongolia Program Director/Instructor


Badamgarav (Badmaa) Dovchin received a Ph.D. in the department of Land Resources and Environmental Science at Montana State University (MSU). She has an MSc in Ecology from the National University of Mongolia MSc in Environmental Science with a Fulbright Scholarship from MSU. She has a BA in Education and MA in Cognitive Linguistics from the University of Humanities of Mongolia, specializing in language preservations that house diverse ways of knowing.

She worked as a community development coordinator for ‘BioRegions International’ NGO for ten years and organized research trips in Mongolia from the USA. Before that, she was a tour guide for ‘Boojum Expeditions’, leading horseback and hiking trips all over Mongolia. She is currently a leader and an instructor for Round River’s Mongolia program. Her research field focuses on soil quality issues and local stakeholder participation in environmental decision-making by incorporating Western Ecological Knowledge (WEK) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). Her community of focus and research field is in Northern Mongolian Darhad Valley of Hovsgol province, Mongolia, the buffer zone of Ulaan Taiga SPA.