Protect the lands and livelihoods of indigenous peoples.

Create and implement conservation strategies for big, wild places.

Prepare the next generation of conservation leaders.

For over 30 years, Round River has brought our unique style of conservation to diverse communities and landscapes around the world. Help us preserve and restore wildness.

At Round River, we believe in the transformative power of outdoor education. However, many of our students face obstacles in accessing the necessary field equipment.

This Giving Tuesday, we are launching a special campaign to raise funds for much-needed equipment for our students. Your generous support will directly impact their experience, fostering a love for community-based conservation, remote landscapes, and personal growth.


Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Trail Starter: $25
    Help us provide essential accessories like pack covers, hand lenses, and dry bags. Your support lays the groundwork for their safe and enjoyable journeys.
  • Camp Explorer: $50
    Help us outfit our students with camping essentials—headlamps, compasses, and rangefinders. Your contribution ensures they’re ready for the next expedition.
  • Summit Achiever: $100
    Your support propels our students to new heights by providing quality binoculars, portable stoves, and other gear that elevates their outdoor experience.
  • Wilderness Guardian: $250 and above
    Embrace the philosophy that “more is more” by becoming a Wilderness Guardian with a donation of $250 or more. Your heightened generosity not only elevates you to this prestigious title but also amplifies the impact of our cause. Your contribution goes beyond the basics, empowering us to provide advanced field equipment such as top-notch tents and cozy sleeping bags, ensuring our students are not just prepared but truly thrive in the face of the great outdoors.

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Thank you for your generosity and for your interest in Round River Conservation Studies. If you have any questions and/or suggestions please contact us.

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