Taku River Wildlife Conservation Project GIS Products

Taku River Tlingit Study Area

Taku River Tlingit Tlatsini Map

CAD Connectivity Analysis

CAD Core Areas Connectivity Analysis

Taku River Tlingit Ecological Units

Taku River Tlingit Caribou Winter Habitat

Taku River Tlingit Moose Winter Habitat

Taku River Tlingit Sheep Winter Habitat

Taku River Tlingit Landscape Position

Taku River Tlingit Salmon

Taku River Tlingit Sensitive Wildlife Areas

Idaho Wolverine Maps

NDVI Values

Recreation Intensity Classes: Northern 2010-2012

Recreation Intensity Classes: Southern 2010-2012

Recreation Intensity Classes: Northern 2010

Recreation Intensity Classes: Northern 2011

Recreation Intensity Classes: Southern 2012

Recreation Intensity Classes: Combined Areas 2010 – 2012

Landfire Existing Veg Type

Distance to groomed snowmobile routes


Tasseled Cap Brightness Index

Navajo – Diné Bikéyah Maps

Diné Bikeyah National Conservation Area

Navajo Nation Proposed Diné Bikéyah National Conservation Area

San Juan County, Utah: Inventoried Roadless Areas Reference

Goshute Maps

Map 01: Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Land Use Areas and Areas Potentially Impacted by SNWA

Goshute Reports


Great Bear Maps

North and Central Coast Study Areas: Conservation Area Design

The “Coast Decision” and the Coastal Forest and Mountains (CFM) CAD

Great Bear Rainforest: Grizzly Bear Population Units and Management Areas, Guide Outfitter Territories and G2G Designations

Great Bear Rainforest: Guide Outfitter Territories and G2G Designations

North and Central Coast Study Areas: Grizzly Bear/Salmon Conservation Areas

North and Central Coast Study Areas: Intact Areas

The Koeye River Watershed and Surrounding Areas

North Coast Maps

North and Central Coast Study Areas: CONSERVATION AREA DESIGN


North and Central Coast Study Areas: INTACT AREAS

Normalizing scores for watershed characteristics

Coastal Forest and Mountains Maps

Map 1: Topography

Map 2: Biogeoclimate

Map 3: Land Formations

Map 4: Vegetation Structure

Map 5: Forest Alliances

Map 6: Focal Systems

Map 7: Freshwater Systems

Map 8: Wetlands and Riparian Model Areas

Map 9: Steelhead Distribution

Map 10: Chinook Salmon Distribution

Map 11: Coho Salmon Distribution

Map 12: Sockeye Salmon Distribution

Map 13: Chum Salmon Distribution

Map 14: Pink  Salmon Distribution

Map 15: Grizzly Bear Habitat

Map 16: Black Bear Habitat

Map 17: Black Tailed Deer Habitat

Map 18: Goat Habitat

Map 19: Modeled Marble Murrelet Model

Map 20: Tailed Frog Habitat

Map 22: Cost Index

Map 23: Measures of Ecological Integrity, Third Order Watersheds

Map 24: Measures of Ecological Integrity, Intermediate Watersheds

Map 25: Measures of Ecological Integrity, Primary Watersheds

Map 26: Conservation Value by Planning Unit

Map 27: Conservation Area Design

Muskwa-Kechika Maps


Biogeoclimatic zones


Caribou core

Caribou growing season

Caribou winter

Conservation area Design

Core and connectivity

Elk core

Elk winter

Freshwater ecosystems

Goat core

Goat growing season

Goat winter

Grizzly core

Grizzly early season

Grizzly late season

Grizzly mid season

Human use analysis

Human use area

Human use linear

Human use point

Lake classification

Landscape permeability

Moose core

Moose growing season

Moose winter

Sheep core

Sheep core and connectivity

Sheep growing season

Sheep winter

Special elements 1

Special elements 2

Study area

Umbrella ecological land units

Wolf core

Wolf growing season

Wolf winter

Northwest Territories Maps

MAP1 Study Area

MAP2 Ecoregions 

MAP3 Landscape Units

MAP4a Special Elements

MAP4b Special Elements

MAP4c Special Elements

MAP4d Special Elements

MAP4e All Special Elements

MAP5 Human Uses Data

MAP6 Human Use footprint

MAP7a Mining Interest

MAP7b Oilgas Interest

MAP7c Roads by Analysis Unit

MAP7d Development Interest

MAP8a Value BG Open

MAP8b Value PG Open

MAP9a Value BG Closed

MAP9b Value PG Closed

MAP10 Special Elements Index

MAP10a Combined Conservation Value

MAP11a Priorities BG Open

MAP11b Priorities PG Open

MAP12a Priorities BG Closed

MAP12b Priorities PG Closed

MAP13 Priorities SEI vs DI

MAP14 Priorities Comb Conserv Value vs DI